• A Crested Butte Townhome

    A Crested Butte Townhome

    Exterior of Crested Butte Townhome.

  • 1r10_ruth_s_front_flowers


  • Kitchen


    Custom kitchen with reclaimed hickory cabinets and graninte countertops. Reclaimed metal and douglas fir bar.Laggis Architecture and Construction.

  • Kitchen and Dining Room

    Kitchen and Dining Room

    Custom kitchen with reclaimed hickory cabinets and graninte countertops.Laggis Architecture and Construction.

  • Window Sill

    Window Sill

    Detail of custom duglas fir window sill with corbels. Laggis Architecture and Construction.

  • 1r10_ruth_s_upstairs_hall


  • Stair Railing

    Stair Railing

    Custom railing utilizing reclaimed, hand carved posts, and reclaimed, curved rails.Laggis Architecture and Construction.

  • Landing Newell Post

    Landing Newell Post

    Detail of hand carved, reclaimed log newell post.Laggis Architecture and Construction.

  • Stair Bottom

    Stair Bottom

    Douglas fir and beatle kill pine stairs. Sandstone bench in river rock.Laggis Architecture and Construction.

  • Master Bedroom

    Master Bedroom

    Douglas fir beamwork, renewable aspen ceiling, and slate tile floor.Laggis Architecture and Construction.

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  • 1r10_ruth_s_upstairs_bedroom